Farewell to yachting??


I’ve had a season of highs and lows.

I HATE starting new jobs & being relatively useless when I start. Surprising considering how often I inflict new jobs into my life.

Super yachting has been a judgemental time for me full of tellings off, disapproval and feeling like I’m not making a positive impact or being fully appreciated. I am a notorious approval and appreciation seeker. I want it. In buckets. I can’t give myself pats on the back, I’m self depreciating Irish through & through – I need everyone else to pat my back!

I have loved the insight into the industry: the glamour, the lifestyle, the back stage effort that goes into showtime, the people, the sights. I have cheered dolphins riding the bow, I have had a starlit bbq at anchor by an active volcano, I have basked in the glamour of chic celeb haunts and relished the seclusion in the middle of the sea. I have cherished the sunsets, sunrises, new people I have met & all the beautiful places we have been.

No regrets. The bad times melt away as always and I am left with wonderful memories and experiences to treasure for my lifetime.

It’s time for me to go home and reunite with my family & friends & to become a recognisable relative to my niece and nephews.


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