*Dusts off backpack* *Throws backpack away*

19. November 2014 Uncategorized 0

As lovely & absolutely wonderful as home is….

I’ve booked flights to Thailand!


It has been over 10 years since I had the backpacking bug & I forget what it feels like! I know I love it, I never fell out of love with it – my funds did. The exact reasons & feelings behind my passion for backpacking have sadly laid dormant for too many years. Now I’m doing something about it!

I’m so elated! It feels like an out of body experience!!! Sure I travel & work abroad but I haven’t booked a pleasure based break in almost a decade!!!*

I am in my happy place of being super productive carrying out awesome pre travel tasks! I got my vaccinations, I read up on places to visit, got sun screen & bug spray. I bid farewell to my circa 2003 retro backpack & treated myself to a new one! AND I even had the audacity to check how much an upgrade on my flight was – who am I kidding!?

Not one to ever turn her back on self improvement, or enhancing my career opportunity potential, I’m doing a Thai massage course while I’m there. This will be during my first 2 weeks in Thailand & my last 2 weeks are completely open! Bliss! Suggestions are welcome! Step right up.

*excluding glastonbury – however those of you who have been would agree it is an endurance adventure sport & not a relaxing break. Well it is to me!

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