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08. December 2014 asia, thailand, Travel, Travelling 0

I flew from Chiang Mai to Phuket via Bangkok Don Muang all for about £40. Travelling puts me in horrendous form. Maybe if I had company I wouldn’t get as cranky. I hate waiting, being herded like cattle, eating rubbish processed food all day, the fear of missing flights & the fear of aerosinusitis.

Needless to say when I arrived in Phuket with a banging headache in a lightning storm I was not at my very best. I waited around for the bus to Phuket town & when I got there I walked around in the rain looking for somewhere to stay. My damn Toms were so slippery on the pavement that I was tempted to throw them away in a rage & walk barefoot….. As a happy go lucky person I can have a wild temper, however I try not to act on it!


After 45 mins of traipsing around & enquiring about availability I found somewhere lovely to stay & got an air conditioned twin room to myself for 300b/£6. After I ditched my stuff & showered the journey off I went for a wander around in the rain. There were a few bars & I ended up going for a curry in a french-esque restaurant. They were super keen to close 30 mins early so they hustled me out as quickly as possible. I wondered why the bothered seating me if they wanted to close so soon. As if I wasn’t pissed off already!

In the morning I was hopeful to get a ferry to Krabi. When I checked out the guy at the hostel said it would cost around 300-500b for a taxi or tuk tuk to Rassada Pier. I got a tuk tuk for 60b & was seething at the hostel guy for trying to hoodwink me. A paranoid & suspicious me ended up taking the ‘only’ ferry to Krabi after 8.30am via Koh Phi Phi. God only knows if this was true. I was over caring at this point (8.34am).


The ferry was packed with holiday makers & backpackers. It was a drizzly hazy day so photo opportunities were not optimal. It was a picturesque trip to Koh Phi Phi, I’ve been spoilt with views after spending 7 months at sea so this was nothing new to me.

When we arrived at Koh Phi Phi I ditched my backpack at luggage storage for 50b/£1 & paid the 20b ‘Keep Koh Phi Phi clean’ fee. It was very warm & the pier was full of Thai men offering hotels, taxis, boat trips, etc…… then I was straight in to stall & restaurant tourist central. Get me out of here!!!! This is not my idea of fun. I managed to escape the chaos for a few hours until my connecting ferry to Krabi. I snuggled up & slept through this journey hoping to wake up in better form on the other side.


We arrived in rainy Krabi at sunset. As usual I had no where to stay & was unsure of where exactly I had arrived. I ended up taking a tuk tuk to Krabi town for 50b/£1 with some other people. One girl was in the same situation as me so we stuck together & managed to find room in the Pak-Up hostel. My new friend was lovely & we really liked Pak-Up hostel. Our dorm mates were great & my mood had finally lifted. It’s a wonder what good company & comfort can do for your soul! We went for a walk around the market & had some street food followed by more drinks & incredible travelling stories. Travelling is like a contagious disease borne by word of mouth. Talking to other people encourages me to see more & travel more. My travel list is looking like quite a task to achieve!

I loved the atmosphere in Krabi. I ate delicious food, got an amazing massage, did some shopping at reasonable prices, had great company. What more could a girl want?? It wasn’t long before I was heading back to Bangkok for my flights back to Ireland.


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