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 Here I am back in Bangkok with a few days to enjoy the city before I fly home. I love Bangkok! The pollution chokes me & makes my lungs feel like a car exhaust every now & again, but apart from that & the intolerable heat it’s an awesome place. I love the street food, shopping, hustle & bustle & (embarrassingly) the public transport. I am a massive fan of the air conditioned sky train!

I stayed in the Lub D hostel near Siam Square. It was double what I had previously paid last time I stayed in Bangkok but the location was so central & it was a lovely hostel. I went to the hostel I stayed in last time & was gladly reunited with my make up bag after 3 eyebrow less weeks. It is now a delight to be able to put my make up on.

My typical day in Bangkok would begin with walking long & far to explore with an iced Thai coffee, 18b. I don’t really enjoy the western or Thai breakfasts on offer so I would hold out until I was hungry enough & it felt close enough to lunch time to get some street food usually Pad Thai, chicken & cashew/ginger/chilli, curry or something delicious. When it got to hot I would go to the cinema 100b/£2 or browse in the air conditioned shopping centres or go for a massage. From noon the heat wouldn’t really subside until the late evening when I would go for something to eat again & have a few beers. Perfect days!


The street food in Thailand is incredibly delicious & incredibly cheap! The first few days I was in Thailand I was a bit apprehensive as it didn’t look very clean & I was afraid of getting sick, after a week this was the only food I would eat. The thought of going to a restaurant would disappoint me. You really can’t beat street food. If you go to Thailand, don’t be afraid, go for it! I didn’t get sick once. And it tastes so much better than the chain restaurants. I promise you. You can even go to the 7/11 & get some beers to enjoy with your meal. Meals are normally around 40-60b/£1. I am dreading going home & having to pay ten times this for mediocre food. If only we could have street food in Ireland!

Please somebody start this!

I’m not a touristy tourist, I much prefer to people watch & take in the country & culture from an organic perspective. I do sometimes & often regrettably get caught up in the tourist attractions. There is no doubt they are beautiful attractions, it’s the atmosphere & commercial aspect I dislike. I will endeavour to keep to the path less walked & be an undercover traveller with an eye for the special things & not the most visited, highly publicised sights.

The reclining Buddah
The reclining Buddah

I did however visit Khao San Road to celebrate my friends birthday. This was full of tourists but didn’t bother me at all as I was drinking, eating & celebrating my friends birthday. She even bought a bag of fried bugs as a snack. Unfortunately I was pressured into trying one & caved (*sigh* I’m so easily led). Fyi, don’t bother.

Beer & a bug


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    bloggerboii on December 11, 2014 Reply

    Enjoy your time there! Big city with lots to explore

  • 2
    nulskii on December 12, 2014 Reply

    I had a great time! Definitely on the list to go back to!

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