Daydreaming of places afar

I’ve been in Switzerland for 7 days & already I’m ready for my next move. I want to travel. I was right not to commit to a full ski season & I am relishing the opportunities it has opened to me. I’m currently job hunting for a position in New Zealand however, not satisfied with immigrating to a new continent, I am also working on other travel projects. I’m hoping to do a couple of workaways in Europe between now & New Zealand. I’m hoping this will be financially achievable if I pick a host who will feed & shelter me in exchange for 5 hours work per day.

Not one to plan in advance, I have picked the wrong time for my 2 most desired workaway experiences: working on a vineyard making wine & making cheese. What a dream! If I mastered these two arts I would truly have the skills to be fully self sufficient!

Unfortunately I think it is also bad timing to visit scandinavian countries because I’m a wimp when it comes to the cold. Funny how ski seasons don’t seem to bother me. Portugal & Spain are looking promising & any country I haven’t visited before always takes priority over places I’ve been to.

Has anyone tried workaway before? Any recommendations or advice? If you don’t know me by now, I would go anywhere in the world on the back of a spark of inspiration. I am giving myself 2 weeks. One week to decide what to do, plan & book flights then one more week with my friends in Switzerland. Bring on week 2 in Switzerland & what wistful ideas I follow.


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