Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard

20. January 2015 Travel, Travelling 0


My friend has been inspired to travel from my tales of carefree expeditions. She is bombarding me with questions, feeding back her travel ideas & getting caught up in the world of opportunities out there. In the abyss of information & possibilities she cried for help & asked “How do you cope? Does this not scare you?”.

Does travel scare me?

No. Travel does not scare me. This is what I thrive on. I delight in every second of planning. I revere the organisation & pre trip productivity. I cherish the warm, affectionate farewells. I live for the moment I’m on the plane & the freedom that I have achieved everything I could to plan this trip (& if I haven’t there’s nothing I can do about it for the next few hours). I bask in the concept of adventure, the adrenaline rush & effort to pull everything off in time & the blissful, exhilaration of a new beginning – before I even leave the country!


I immerse myself in that pre adventure feeling on the plane, even though I’m a terrible flyer. I love the unknown. I love the absolute liberation & freedom from the daily grind of mundane life. I adore my first steps in a new country & the privilege that not everyone has travelled these paths. I do not take my experiences for granted. I submerge myself in my new surroundings, take in the beauty & people watch with a mindful, serene curiosity.

And the people I meet. They are incredible. I am an undeniable people person. I’m not sure whether it is derived from my devout dedication to excellent customer service & earnest aim to please or my big, friendly, chatty Irish family. I adore meeting the amazing community of people whom travel, they are so amazing. Everyone has a genuine spark for adventure & they have all sacrificed & contemplated to make the choice to follow a nomadic, uncertain life. There are no guarantees that you will be happy when you take an unfamiliar path, you have to throw yourself into the undiscovered, survive & enjoy. Fellow travellers are among the most loving, compassionate, happy people I know – & boy am I sad when I leave them.


Travel doesn’t scare me. Travel makes my heart beat & my cheeks glow. Travel fills my lungs & takes my breath away at the same time. Travel opens my eyes & makes me feel more alive than when I’m doing anything else. It saturates my soul with an overwhelming enthusiasm to discover & continue taking steps….

Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard – Regina Spektor

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