Morocco, anybody??

25. January 2015 Morocco, Travel 0


I seem to have taken a diversion before choosing my next path…. In a bid to try to organise my year I have been sucked in by my day dreams & instead I am jetting to Morocco this week for a short break! I have never been & I am super excited!

I can’t take all the credit for booking this trip. Everyone with an active addiction has an abettor. My ‘enabler’ is Sky Scanner. Just a tap away, placing the world of possibilities before my eyes & goading me into my next adventure.

I have been perusing blogs for tips & inspiration for my trip & came across #take12trips. The idea is you go on a trip every month. They can be as small or large as your budget, time & imagination allow – An overnight stay in your nearest town or all around the world. You decide! This is a new year resolution I could actually keep for once! Maybe even by default with my track record for travelling.

Who’s on board?? Are you going to #take12trips with me?

Marrakech will be my first trip. Please share any recommendations with me in the comments. The less touristy the better! I’m after an authentic trip immersed in culture & copious amounts of street food – This might actually help me get over the heartache of leaving my beloved Thai street food. It’s been 6 weeks & I’m still a foodie mourning. I love that I can say I’m a foodie & not a greedy, ravenous, slave to my taste buds & appetite….

In Marrakech I am planning on wandering, doing a cookery course, taking pictures & people watching. What else should I do?

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