Celibacy cancelled!

27. January 2015 relationships, romance, sex 1

I have been living somewhat of an undesired celibate lifestyle for the past 9 months. I must strongly stipulate that this has not been through choice. Working at sea for 7 months & not sleeping with the first man I come across have certainly not helped my lonely existence. You can imagine my delight when last night, I broke my celibacy with a man I know well & really like. I broke it 3 times in fact. Twice last night & again this morning. It. Was. Fantastic.

Then again, it could have been truly terrible sex & I still would have relished just being held in someones arms. – Sorry, is this getting a bit pity party? I don’t want your pity. I don’t want my pity! I just want to rejoice in companionship & great sex. Plus the surprise that I didn’t forget how to do it, or make an emotional fool of myself! Winning! *fist pumps the air*

Unfortunately, one side effect of this return to activity has been the detrimental effect on my physical health. My body is sore. My poor hips & legs – combined with little sleep & walking uphill at altitude in thick snow, the effort to get back home this morning was colossal. Worth it! But rather pathetic.

When I finally got back from what I can only describe as a test of my endurance & determination to shower I was greeted by my two grinning housemates. Am I that transparent? Or can they smell the sex from me? Maybe I have a gorgeous post coital glow? Oh the humiliation. I waited 45 minutes before I showered in a bid to make it less obvious. Yes, my thought process needs some serious attention. I can only pretend that I’m still a lady & continue with my head held high. That I can do. My neck must be the only part of me not overworked by the unfamiliar demands of my evening!

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