Still hammaming in Marrakech. Bliss!

03. February 2015 spa, Travel 0


My last night in morocco & what better place to spend it than in a hammam. Dear god it was incredible! I went to the hammam next to my hostel. I’m so sorry I don’t remember the name. I can however give you directions if required!

All the staff were very lovely. I went upstairs for the hammam & scrub first. I was completely naked & lying on a heated marble bench. The girl washed me & scrubbed me, rinsed me & washed my hair. It was lovely & warm & relaxing. Another girl came to take me downstairs for my massage.

My naked massage was amazing. I normally never get my stomach done but this time I got everything done. Legs, bum, stomach, boobs, back. It was amazing! I was so relaxed & content.

As a sports rehabilitation therapist & masseuse I would never dream of doing a stomach or boob massage. I have been trained in basic stomach techniques for musculoskeletal problems, but I rarely, if ever, do it. If I did a boob massage I might get into serious trouble! Pecs I’ve done many times before, but never anything like the lovely oily breast massage that I was given. I think I’m now a changed person & fully converted to naked massages – when appropriate. I won’t whip everything out for a sports massage, but I wait with bated breath for my next Moroccan hammam & naked massage experience. (FYI I’m not a pervert or a creep!).

I slid back to my hostel in my oily state & drank mint tea & made new friends until past my bed time.

What a perfect last night in Marrakech. My friends think I should aim for 1 last hammam tomorrow morning seeing as I’m such an enthusiast, but I think they are being too optimistic. It does sound like a wonderful idea though! I’m glad I got to experience both the traditional hammam & the more luxury hammam with the massage. I recommend both! I really hope there is a Moroccan hammam in back in Verbier…..

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