Farewell Morocco!

08. February 2015 Travel 0


All too soon I am back in the airport & waiting to board my flight back to Switzerland. My trip flew by so quickly & I am so glad I made the decision to go. I met lovely people, experienced a beautiful land & of course, the hammams!

I made some purchases to remind me of my trip – dates, chillis, a teapot, mint tea, nigella seeds, spices & argon oil. I dread to see what my friend takes home after her 20 day trip. By day 2 she already had 2 new handbags & was pricing 3 wedding carpets! Being the worldly gipsy that I am, I don’t like to accrue homely items, or any items for that matter, with no home to put them in. Plus I always have the idea that I will go back to my favourite places again, so no pressure to stock on keepsakes just yet.

Swiss Airlines taking good care of me
Swiss Airlines taking good care of me

My friends are having a lovely time out of the city of Marrakesh. If I had more time I certainly would have travelled around Morocco & visited the Sahara. This time round I just needed to de-stress & feel the buzz of a new city. Travelling can consume so much energy. I will try to make the most of my 12hour trip back to the alps & enjoy my ‘me time’ before I’m thrown into a month of non stop work.

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