Morocco – The Aftermath

13. February 2015 marrakech, Morocco, Travel 0


I am fully settled back into my Alpine life. Morocco feels like a life time ago *sigh* I walk the streets of Verbier, trudging in the snow, basking in the beautiful snow kissed mountains & no one heckles at me. My personal space is not invaded. I am not interesting or unique to people. I blur into the resort. It certainly has its perks but I do miss the vibrancy of Marrakech. I miss how every night in the square felt like a peak season Saturday night. I miss the food, exploring, the people, the sweet comforting tea & the hammams (as if I wasn’t going to mention the hammams!)

Before I left I brought some goodies, of course. I purchased a gorgeous tea pot which cost 50 dirham/5euros (apologies, I can’t bloody find the euro sign on my thai macbook!) & some mint tea to take my taste buds back to Morocco. I got some chilli’s although they haven’t quite met my spice heat approval. I bought a lot of delicious dates which got ate mainly at the airport & within 2 days of getting back to Switzerland. Safe to say I sickened myself & won’t be seeking out dates for a while! I also got some spices which my tight budget won’t allow me to properly investigate. I might take these back to Ireland to try with more bountiful ingredients & tools! My mum has a tagine pot back at home just waiting to be used! And I got argon oil to make my skin glow.

Morocco, you have made it to the much coveted ‘Visit again’ list! I shall see you again & explore you in more depth x

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