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20. February 2015 Travel 0


Another great travel enabler in my life is Sky Scanner. The hours I have fantasised over that website…. Well, I don’t care to count them! It is literally my travel porn, cajoling all these alluring destinations & possibilities. My feet itch just thinking about it!!!

I work to a tight budget & I’m very flexible so Sky Scanner is perfect for me. I can price flights over a month period & see the cheapest option. I can price over a whole year to see when will be cheapest to travel. I can select to fly out of the country as opposed to one airport which broadens the options again. So many tools to find the cheapest flight solution.

My favourite function is the ‘Everywhere’ destination option. This shows the cost of flying from your selected country/airport to everywhere in the world & it is arranged in price order. This is when I’m inspired to travel to places I’ve never been or for one reason or another just overlooked. It is great for my last minute itchy feet breaks & my country hopping expeditions. It also encourages the enthusiast in me – as if I need any encouraging to travel! I can self manipulate & convince myself that because the flights are cheap my trip is completely feasible & before I know it I’ve booked something. Again. I may have a problem.

If you aren’t flexible & have specific dates & know your destination (rarely me) it is also a great tool. Sky Scanner checks flights on the web & brings you options & prices. I must admit the prices aren’t always 100% correct sometimes when I click through to view them – but I love SkyScanner so much that I forgive them. This is true love guys!

Check it out folks, put in your dates, select everywhere & book somewhere different. Explore the world, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Not having enough money is NOT a reason not to travel. Look at me, I can manage on a shoestring. Just make sacrifices on luxury & make it work.

Please let me know in the comments if you have been inspired to visit somewhere different, what you think of Sky Scanner, & are there similar sites you prefer?

Many thanks & happy travels everyone x

www.skyscanner.com @skyscanner #skyscanner

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