Feck plans, lets travel!

08. March 2015 Travel, Travelling 0


Following my mild meltdown regarding what I’m doing for the next 6 months, I hopped on my laptop, updated my cvs (Yes, I have several) & started spamming potential employers. I made a list of countries I want to work & live in right now & countries I want to visit. I searched for jobs in the countries I have picked to live in. I have direction. I have focus.

I have a second list of countries to visit. I have access to Skyscanner. I am a maverick procrastinator…..

I came up with a vague plan for April to fly from Geneva to Copenhagen, train to Malmo, Sweden, fly to Budapest, fly to Turkey then maybe go home. All flights for just over £100. I can’t beat that! It would be cheaper than going home where I just seem to haemorrhage money on nothing.


The encouraging devil on my shoulder was whispering into my ear “Feck it, book it”. My ever flailing self restraint kicked in – I went for a run to avoid temptation & physically remove myself from the laptop. Yes, I am a strong independent woman who is a slave to travel plans & adventures. When I returned from my run I had to rush to work, ensuring no last minute adventures were booked. However I have a spare hour now before I go to France….

I know I should plan more before I lock in the dates. I’ll look up workaways I could do during my trip. Also I might drag it out to the end of May, I don’t fancy being in Ireland for my birthday. No offence Ireland, I love you dearly but I suffer severely from birthday blues & NEED a solid distraction to get me through the day. Trust me.


Budgeting for a 2 month break may prove impossible – I will cross this bridge when I come to it. Ideas first then the logistics & feasibility after the dream is alive.

Do other people get overpowering urges to book random trips without much thought or is this a nuala-specific issue?

Have you been to any of the places I’m planning on visiting? Tips & info would be a great help, or link your blogs in the comments for me to check out.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day. Book wildly & travel freely x

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