My 10 great loves of tub life – An ode to bathing

19. March 2015 Travel 0


I bloody love a bath. When I was little I was less fussed. The most important thing about bathing was getting in before my brother so he didn’t wee in my bath water. If that was a parenting technique to get me into the bath quickly then I applaud my parents. That was highly effective.

Now I fret less about people peeing in my bath water. It’s at the bottom of my list of bath related worries. Now I look forward to a bath with outward pleasure & enthusiasm.The reasons I have outlined below:

1. The fact that I have a bath means that I’m not living in a shithole, cabin or absolute dive. I am in a homely home, in Ireland or in a hotel.

2. The anticipation to a bath indicates that I’m not working 16 hour days & have time to take a bath. This is complete indulgence & selfish bliss.

3. I have peace. I don’t have to rush somewhere, I don’t have to be helping someone or be getting ready for something after. A bath generally marks the end of my busy day of doing, going & being. Freedom.

4. I tend to have wine – champagne if possible but not always…. Booze also signifies switching off from daily commitments for me. It opens me up for that post work sigh that I have accomplished what was required today. I am done. I am switching to standby mode.

5. Is the music. I blast or softly play whatever I desire. I lie & I listen. I sing & sway if the mood takes me. I truly listen & enjoy the music.

6. Is the lighting. Candles, I’m looking at you. I know I’m ageing because I have a newfound love & romanticism of candles. Apparently the more expensive & luxurious the better. All scents need apply. Gone are the days I could only afford holy candles, I am embracing investing in candles – fuck getting a mortgage. (In years to come I am going to regret spending a mortgage worth on candles…)

7. Is bath oil, lotions & potions. I adore getting my mitts on something new & indulgent. I overdo it. I like a lot of bubbles. I like a lot of relaxing aromas awakening my senses.

8. Is closing my eyes & basking. If you know me, you know I like to bask. I would bask in anything. Basking in a bath is a particular favourite of mine for all the reasons above.

9. Is probably washing. Cleanliness is next to godliness, right? Well I guess after all the basking I may as well scrub myself clean.

10. Is when I get so sleepy that I have to get the hell out before I succumb to the warm deathly cuddle of my bubbly bath water. You’re not taking me this time you cosy, relaxing killer!!!

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