What the hell am I doing with my life???!!

19. March 2015 Travel 0

I need to sort out my life.


I can’t continue doing what I’m doing now. There is never more than 3 months of job security before I have to start thinking about planning my next move – which we all know that I’m terrible at. The uncertainty is draining. As much as I love bumbling from seasonal jobs & living in an array of countries, it is tiring.

I have also been dwelling on the fact that there is a ceiling to the amount of money I can make as 1 person providing a service. To live the lifestyle I want I need to become a digital nomad. I need to put serious thought & research into this. I know I can do it.

Since I was little I always thought I would become a writer. That idea was put to bed when studies, boys, work & driving took up all my time & energy. I’m hoping to reawaken the writer in me & I’m sincerely hoping to be quite adept at it! Oh bless my naive intrepid soul.

One option could be to go back to Chiang Mai where the cost of living is agreeable with no income & take time out to pursue this? Yes, I know flights will be atrocious but I think worth it rather than haemorrhaging money at home & having no time to do anything. Maybe I’ll look into China….. Be quiet my nomad heart. Do you see what I’m up against here? I am a nightmare!


Do I go first thing first & secure a seasonal post to get me by? There was a nanny post at home with an amazing family… but I couldn’t face living in northern ireland, could I???

Here’s to clearing my head, sitting with a beautiful view, a pen & paper & having a good old brainstorm!

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