FOMO – cured?? With regret.

01. April 2015 life, seasonaire, Travel 0


I used to suffer dreadfully from severe FOMO (Fear of missing out). I would be that person who was on every night out, mixing with various circles of friends to ensure I went out every single evening & above all DID NOT MISS OUT ON ANYTHING!!! My most common nights out were the Thursday warm up, aprés work on Friday, big night Saturday & wind down Sunday. I was always open to other nights, however these 4 were staples. At university I adopted student nights also which included Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday as particularly big nights. As a self appointed social butterfly I loved nothing more than a great night out with my friends, laughing, drinking, dancing & meeting people. This is what my life was about & what made me most happy.

When I did my first ski season I carried on as this creature of habit. I believe my FOMO became out of hand. I would go out every night for weeks. My poor liver! I don’t know how I ever coped. Not to mention the hangovers. I SUFFERED. I know in my heart though that I have never had so much fun, stories, excitement never mind the terrible hangovers & the dreaded fear.

Now I am apparently a changed person. Maybe it’s due to my daily routine of 12-20hour work days? Maybe I’m getting older & wearier? Maybe my liver has had some strong words with my brain & arranged a bit of rewiring. Who knows??

Either way I have only been out once a month for the past 5 months. I grow tireder at the mere thought of going out. I get displeased at the thought of getting ready, what to wear, the expense, the trek home, the fear, the extra tiredness the next day. I can’t do it any more. I am a bore & suffer more from sleep-FOMO. I have become the person I never thought I would or could!


I have noticed that I am complaining a lot about being tired, having no time & the immense amount of hours I’m working. I noticed I’m not laughing my leg off at all the hilarious things my friends or I have done while under the influence. I don’t know everyone in the bar & it makes me feel uneasy. This is not the person I have been shaping since my late teens, the sociable drinker I have moulded from clay & booze.

I need my FOMO back & the craic back in my life. FOMO, if you’re there, I miss you. Dearly.

I am missing out the fear of missing out MOFOMO.

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