The consumer in me awakens….

08. April 2015 home, Travel 0

Switzerland is pretty expensive for my budget & peace of mind – especially when one lives in an exclusive ski resort. Hence, during the ski season I totally curb my spending on anything which is not booze or other essentials. 5 months later & you can imagine how absolutely bored & fed up I am with my limited wardrobe. The colours, the fit, how they have worn through regular wear – it all disgusts me. I am feeling rather shitty about my clothes & how I look in them.

I struggle to convey how totally & completely over my winter clothes I am.

I cannot wait to go crazy shopping for nice clothes, new styles, brighter colours. I can’t wait to go home to see what I’ve forgotten about in my wardrobe! I am browsing online at clothes stores & I want to order EVERYTHING & go mental. I will walk each day like I am on a catwalk & feel happy & presentable!

Apart from the dire need of clothes, I also can’t wait to cuddle my wee dog, niece & nephews. Plus I have to catch up on the doctor, dentist & other long awaited appointments. Bring on the familiar!!! One thing though. I started my new job on Monday. When is appropriate to ask for time off??

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