Homeland, homeland! Here I come!


I’m on the plane back home for my bi annual visit to the homeland. I am so excited to see my wee dog & my family. Very excited to shop in familiar shops where I know my size, the fit & am accustomed to the price. Excited for the productivity & peace of mind to see to all my appointments e.g. Dr, dentist, hairdresser because my roots are RIDICULOUS. Nostalgically excited to eat in all my favourite restaurants & snack on Irish delicacies like soda bread, potato bread, Tayto crisps, Irish Cadburys chocolate. Mostly excited to relax with company I have known all my life, reconnect & maintain friendships that are lasting me my lifetime.


There is truly nowhere like home, so why can I not stay there? Why do I feel an emptiness & unhappiness when I’m living there. Why do I feel a knowledge that there is more out there for me when this is where my mind wanders to when I’m not in Ireland.


I hope I find what I’m looking for soon because this uncertainty & constant moving is growing tiresome…. But I love it!

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