Spring clean… for my colon

20. May 2015 health, Travel 0

It’s that time of the year when people clear out their homes & do a thorough clean for the summer. As a nomad I have no home to spring clean. I don’t have enough belongings on me to do a big clear out. I still want that cleansed, revived feeling.

Feeling like a snail carrying their home around me, I thought I could spring clean me! Or more specifically – my colon. I went for a colonic during my trip at home. I’m getting older & there are so many things I’m half interested in & never persued,  a colonic being one of them. I expect it to be uncomfortable but I also expect a feeling a starting anew. Maybe they will find a crayon I ate when I was 3 & couldn’t digest? Maybe a piece of lego which has been lodged in there for decades, hindering my digestive process? I hope to feel like a new woman, cleansed & ready to face the world!

During the hydrotherapy I felt quite uncomfortable & bloated. The water just made my stomach feel so full & achey. I didn’t release anything into the tube which was slightly disappointing I guess.  My nurse was so lovely & made me feel at ease. I couldn’t have had a better person. I asked the therapist to stop 5 mins early so I could go to the bathroom. I felt like I needed the bathroom & I wasn’t wrong. It was so weird because there was a lot of water as well from the treatment. I felt much better after that! 95% of that bloaty full feeling left me. I finished my treatment then as there were only 5 mins left & I didn’t fancy feeling uncomfortable & bloated again.

I stayed in the bathroom for a good 10 mins to make sure there was nothing left in me. I had a busy afternoon of shopping & meeting friends & I was afraid of an accident – although I was assured that this is highly unlikely. I was advised to eat well for the next few days or I will undo all the good work. I had an array of boozy meals planned with my friends I haven’t seen in a long time so I opted out of the clean eating.

I wouldn’t rush back to get another however I don’t regret my decision to have one. I wouldn’t rule out getting another in the future. I’m sure I will feel better as a result.

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