Feeling low

12. June 2015 Travel 0

Today I have been embroiled in self pity & woe – and it’s only midday. I know I am extremely fortunate & have no life altering issues. I just feel down.


I have been working a lot. 19 days in a row in fact. Long days, one of those days was 8am-1am without a break. The tiredness of travel, long days & no break combined with the same groundhog type day leave a lot to be desired of my motivation & enthusiasm…..


I have cut sugar out of my life as off 6 days ago. I’m sure going cold turkey will affect my mood & body while I adjust to the change. I felt this on day 3/4 when my energy was incredibly low which is abnormal for me. I will tell you more about my diet change soon, I feel really positive about it & it hasn’t been as difficult as I anticipated.


To top it off I got my period today (TMI??), so soon after my last one lasting over half a month. I am awaiting the flu like symptoms & if/when they come I will be really fucked off.


I am seeking no solace in food which previously would have been a quick pick me up. I have turned to my massage playlist that I play to relax my clients during a treatment. I am seeking inner peace & calm. Happiness is too much of a stretch right now. (When I drop into self pity I REALLY go for it! It doesn’t happen very often so when it does I heap it on!).


If I still feel shit tonight I may have to turn to retail therapy. My sanity & momentary satisfaction is better than savings & security, right??

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