Felling low?? Do something about it!!!

07. August 2015 barcelona, spain, Travel 0

I was feeling shit. I was planning to turn to retail therapy to seek solace. I did. Flights to Barcelona booked! What better pick me up than to run from your problems?? Fleeing the country for freedom brings me great inner peace.

It was only a brief trip, 3 nights, but it was all I needed to recharge my mind & soul. I met my dad there which was lovely & we were able to catch up. We wandered around the beautiful city, drank, ate & people watched. Perfection! My ideal trip, not exhausting myself to tick off all the must see tourist sights. I prefer to relax & bask in the culture & atmosphere. Maybe I’m doing travel wrong, but it feels so right this way.

It was a city I enjoyed & would like to go back to. I can see why my dad likes it so much & visits it every year. I can now confirm that my coping mechanism of buying flights when I feel a bit sorry for myself is foolproof, mature & necessary!

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