5 weeks left in Switzerland

19. August 2015 Travel 2

Switzerland, you beauty!

Incredible landscapes, high quality of life rating, med climate. If only I loved Swiss wine & fondue didn’t make me feel ill – I think this could be the place for me. That & a year round ski season social life. I am missing my apres ski life during the summer.

So, in my last 5 weeks I will cram in everything I intended to do from the start!


First up is french lessons! These are very late coming as I’ve been here since the winter…. I hate not being able to communicate with people, I hate not understanding small children when they speak to me in the park. I feel like an absolute moron!!! It’s not from being lazy that I haven’t got round to it. Working a 6/7 day week really drained my free time to pursue other things & being flexible limits my opportunities to commit to something.

Second up is explore! In typical nuala fashion I have spent my time off as I like & not went on a crazy tourism spree ticking all the sights off & seeing things for the sake of it. There are however some places I have been meaning to go to, namely Zermatt & Liechtenstein.

Third up is a wine tasting adventure. I am surrounded by vineyards & it is one of my life goals to make wine. Hence I should really do more research & get this passion underway!

Goodbyes. I have to say farewell to my friends all over again with the uncertainty of when will I see them again. I have been back to my favourite ski resort a few time too catch up with them & it has been delightful. The incredible scenery took my breath away all over again. Mountains are a peaceful place for me.

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