Confessions of an accumulator

24. August 2015 home, house, lifestyle, Travel 0

I have been listening to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

It has been positively refreshing & is a new perspective for me on possessions & style of living. I feel like this book was written with me in mind. My room is jam packed with items of clothing, books, make up, accessories, etc, which I am just far too afraid to give away. I am that person who keeps everything in case it comes in useful – & if I throw something away I can guarantee I will come across a use for it the following week. I am resourceful but it comes at a cost. My mind feels so cluttered that I am sure if I clear my personal belongings that my mind will also defog.


My lifestyle, however, is different to that of a ‘normal’ person. I work seasonal jobs: sometimes I don’t know where my next paycheck is coming from, I don’t live at home, I backpack, I live out of a suitcase, I am always saving for adventures, I am ridiculously busy. In rarely being financially secure I am frugal. I don’t throw things out. Ever. I don’t know when I will run out of money, not find work & be very grateful of those worn out trainers that faded vest top with the small hole & those ill fitting jeans. Is this a legitimate reason to keep so many things?

Seasonal jobs open a whole new world of wardrobe controversy regarding selection & overpopulation of clothes. I need snowboard gear & apparently quite a bit! I also need a selection of bikinis for my summer positions. This builds up to be more of a seasonal wardrobe than the average person who goes on a ski trip or beach holiday once a year. Also, in working numerous jobs I can have an average of 3 work uniforms in rotation daily. Too many clothes to manage!

In her book Marie Kondo explained how she would unpack her handbag every night to maintain order. Oh to have the time! I am too busy. When I lived at home I was working 4 jobs with 1 day off a month. I was going from one job straight to another, sometimes being out of the house from 7.15am – 11.30pm. My home was cluttered with different bags for my separate jobs and different uniforms waiting to be grabbed in a mad dash to be on time. I love to be busy but this was too much for me. During my last ski season I had many jobs & could be out of the house from 8am-long after midnight if I was babysitting. I would pack my bag for the morning with different uniforms for that day, snacks & anything else I needed. When I came back at night I would go straight to bed hoping I didn’t have an early start the following morning. This non stop work makes for a cluttered handbag, mind & home.

When I get back to the homeland I will have an ultimate clear out! I will only keep clothes that ‘spark joy in my life’. It turns out a lot of my clothes currently in rotation are very well worn & even have the odd hole. I am definitely overdue a shopping trip. My shopping habits have been completely wrong & need an overhaul too. When I shop I pick up basics I need, work to my budget, or pick something I half like because I NEED something to wear tonight & I have nothing in my bulging wardrobe or in the boxes under my bed. What I need is a smaller amount of clothes I truly love to wear & a selection that flatters me & makes me feel good when I wear them. Not something I panic buy in a vague hope to feel special that night. I am that person who has clothes in different sizes in case I need them at some point in my life. I keep clothes I don’t even like in case my taste changes & that disgusting jumper might be my jam in years to come. I keep clothes I haven’t taken the label off or worn because I clearly went off them since buying them & it would feel like such a waste of money to get rid of them. I walk into my room & it pains me to think of the person who will have to go through all my belongings after I die. They have their work cut out for them. It will be a gargantuan task.


I accrue books. I have 7 books to read in my remaining 4 weeks in Switzerland (If I manage 3 it will be an achievement!). I picked up another yesterday. My love of books stemmed from Roald Dahl & being captivated with Matilda throughout my childhood. I am striving to have a library to rival Belle’s in Beauty & the beast (The beast, what a guy, gifting Belle with a library!). In my steady growth of books I am slowly getting there. I don’t feel pressure to read them all straight away, but I love knowing that I can reach for any genre of book at my will. I have no intention of cleansing my book collection, may it grow for my retirement!


I am also passionate about make up! I love it! I can’t get enough of it. I have a collection of eyeshadow palettes, lipstick that doesn’t suit me, 5 yr old mascaras, brushes with half the bristles, almost finished powders. I would feel quite wasteful to throw these out. I am ridiculous. Most of this stuff has expired by now & probably has a new & harmful chemical structure. I really have to discard a lot. I need to be strong!

Here’s to being a streamlined backpacker with a small collection of clothes I adore wearing, no back ups & less shoulder pain.

If you’re interested in the book you can check it out here:

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