3 weeks of clean living

As part of my ever present, although sometimes flagging, objective to be fit & healthy I am making my last 3 weeks in Switzerland count. Today I have went for a 5K run, followed by yoga with Adriene then I had avocado for breakfast.


Avocado is my happy place & when I have avocado on toasted crusty bread for breakfast I feel like I’m winning at life. Today I opted for the slightly less bad, however possibly the same molecular structure as cardboard, Ryvita.

Since I fully & wholeheartedly embraced cutting sugar from my life I have fell rather spectacularly off the wagon. I have still kept away from the white granular stuff, but that isn’t commendable when I recall:

  • the tubs of Ben & Jerry’s I’ve consumed in the past month…..
  • my nod at dark chocolate as being ok followed by many several bars of dark chocolate.
  • 2 bars of chocolate sent over from home – devoured without a pause for thought.
  • Ice lollies to fight heat stroke.
  • 2 bottles of fizzy drink – the cravings got me.


I’ve been feeling particularly rubbish with a permanent headache for almost 2 weeks. I’m not sure if it’s related to cutting out sugar and coffee or its to do with a job offer that has thrown me into a world of despair at what to do. I think that’s why I’ve been particularly weak at resisting sugar & reaching for anything that will make me feel better.


I am optimistic that this time I go off sugar I will maintain it. I have done cutting all sugar out of my diet, rebounding to bingeing on sugar & now I’m going to balance it & have a little bit of sugar in my diet. Maybe a cheat day – Diet sorted!


Running can be an effort for me. Sometimes I really enjoy it & other times I hate the thought of it, frown putting my kit on, sigh when I break into a jog at the start of my run, count down the time/km until I’ve finished. You get the idea. I get bored looking at the same scenery on my run. If it’s too sunny & humid I struggle. Really struggle.


I think how it isn’t making much of an impact on my body, it is a waste of time & I think of the other productive things I could be doing instead. In hindsight, it could be having a negative impact on my mental happiness!


I not completely terrible, I am ok at running. I played wing for my university rugby team. I am even better at running when I’m being chased! I’m not about to pay someone to chase me every day – although that is not a bad business venture for the future. Despite my shitty attitude I want to make the commitment to at least 5K 5 days a week. If I do better, GREAT, if not I hope to improve my time & mood & maybe even build a bit of positive association!


I am currently doing 30 days of yoga with Adriene. I am really enjoying it. She is a delight to watch & calming, fun & lighthearted.


I’m not very strict. Sometimes I miss a day due to work & I have been known to stop early & corpse out (the corpse is my all time favourite pose).  This is the link to her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene


If you have any tips for me on diet or fitness please comment below & let me know what has worked for you. Please help me embrace running! Or introduce my to your favourite fitness channels on youtube. Thank you!

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