& then my dreams came true

02. September 2015 f1, formula 1, sport, Travel 0


My boss has got me tickets to the Italian Grand Prix! If you don’t know, I am a massive Formula 1 fan. I never miss a race, I done my final piece in university about Formula 1 & have sent many CVs to the teams. I also have rejection letters from the teams & have never been to a race…. Until this weekend!!!


I was absolutely thrilled & had a bit of anxiety that it was finally happening. Which is odd because it’s what I dream about – Then my boss upgraded me to VIP Paddock tickets. I feel incredibly nauseous. I am totally beyond excited about this & totally unprepared. I can’t believe I’m going to be right where all the magic happens, rubbing shoulders with people I idolise.


I have 2 tickets & I’m considering taking a Dr as my plus one just so he can sedate me to a point of vague composure. Can too much excitement cause a stroke? I am expecting some palsy at the very least.


This is me upon seeing Eddie Jordan:

My biggest fear is throwing up my guts on tv in the pit lane outside the Ferrari garage, costing Vettel the race due to extensive tyre degrade from my acidic vomit film on the tarmac & being exiled from the racing community #thisstruggleisreal


To go to Monza as my first ever race & as a Ferrari fan is incredibly special. It’s the most historical track in Formula 1, Ferrari hold the most wins here & it’s where my all time favourite driver stormed to victory as the youngest ever grand prix winner in 2008! That was the day he really stood out for me & became a fan. I remember it well. Yes, I am an F1 nerd & proud!

I’m looking into having a flag designed, what do you think?? The ‘VETTEL’ needs to be bigger….


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