28. September 2015 piercings 0


Turn & face the strange. I am looking in the mirror facing a stranger.


I am virtually unrecognisable to the me that looked into the mirror 1 month ago. For one I have went from abhorring sparkling water to enjoying & longing for it. And secondly, I took a wild notion to get my nipple pierced.


So maybe the sparkling water seems a bit nondescript to you, but to me it is a huge transformation. I have spent my life avoiding & not even sipping sparkling water because I didn’t enjoy the taste. Yes, the ‘taste’ of water. Yes, my writing is heinous. But hang in there it might improve – or comically atrophy like my withering imagination & desolate dreams….

I have noticed other changes as well. I have started to drink & enjoy red wine over the past 11 months after failing to tolerate it for years. More dramatically I have fallen head over heels in love with gin & abandoned vodka like a flaccid one night stand. I am a changed wee woman!


For the record, I never once ever entertained the idea of seriously even considering getting a nipple pierced. It was never on my radar. When I was 17 my friend got her nipple pierced & I wretched at the very idea of it. It was not sexy, smart or cute. Then the urge to get it done hit me like a freight train. I was consumed with the idea of getting it done & my impulsive nature took over.

Before I got it done & while I was getting it done I still wretched at the thought of it. The piercer told me he was putting a hoop in for the first week as a precaution as if I had a bar the swelling could consume the entire bar. Seriously. I wretched. Before his very eyes. Maybe I was not mentally stable enough to go through with it? I was. Well, I went through with it either way. I am the proud owner of what I think is a sexy, smart & cute new piercing.


I got it done 5 days ago & I have no regrets. I’m getting the hoop changed to a bar this week & I can’t wait.

Is what a mid life crisis feels like?


What’s next? Shall I start to like Olives & Cauliflour?? Will I get my vagina pierced?? I am a little excited to see how this newfound journey of self discovery develops. A little excited. Mostly I am apprehensive, anxious, dubious, afraid & concerned.

Looks like Bowie was right “Time may change me….”


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