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29. September 2015 piercings 0

For reasons unbeknown to me, I am the proud owner of a nipple piercing.


I went to one tattoo & piercing salon in Belfast & they said I needed another adult to come in with me to get pierced as a nipple piercing was classed as an intimate piercing. This was disappointing as the only person I knew in Belfast was my unsuspecting, naive mother. She was happily shopping & not even contemplating that her youngest child was about to mutilate her body. I was not going to draft her into this as an accomplice.

The next day my poor cousin received the bombshell. She wretched every time she thought of it & hoped I was joking. A few hours later we found ourselves walking towards Skin Works in Belfast.

It is a stylish, funky space with a great atmosphere. It is opposite the ‘nuala with a hula’ statue & had a F1 poster at the entrance. These were exceptionally positive omens for me. I felt comfortable, confident & happy. The staff were handsome, professional & helpful, a great combination! I didn’t have an appointment & they seen me quickly. I filled out a form & was invited into a bright, clean room for my procedure.

The piercer was a lovely, normal guy & I felt completely relaxed. He chatted while he got the equipment together & I took it upon myself to strip. We all new I had to get my boobs out so why act demure & wait until he asked me. He chatted about what he was going to do & reassured me that it was the least painful piercing. I must have been green at this stage. He showed me the hoop he was putting in & said they don’t do bars initially in case my nipple swells & effectively swallow the bar. I gagged. Why was I getting this done again??

As my piercer began the procedure I immediately covered my eyes like a big baby*. I wished he would tell me it was all over already. He asked me to take a deep breath in & out. Then it was all over! It wasn’t too bad. The idea of it grosses me out more than going through it. At this stage I opened my eyes & was happy to look at it. He put the hoop through & I was delighted that I actually really quite liked it!

My lovely piercer talked me through the after care & I paid £30. I have to go back in 1 week for him to check it & change the hoop to a bar. I really like the hoop but I can’t wait to see it with a bar! I’m looking forward to entering a whole new world of nipple jewellery!

The piercing has been tender ever since. Sometimes I don’t notice it & other times it is very sensitive, especially during & after cleaning it. Being surrounded by rough & tumble toddlers certainly doesn’t help. Naturally they are magnetised to my piercing & that breast has been taking a considerable amount of hits. Seat belts are also not my friend. Paracetamol & anti inflammatories are doing the trick to ease the pain. Recovery for nipple piercing is a slow process so I am channelling wolverine & optimistic I will heal well.

*FYI I am not a big baby. I give blood regularly & have done an acupuncture course so being impaled is normally no big deal for me.

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