I’m in Singapore & boy do I have WAY too much luggage! My shoulders were aching as I tried to find my way to my hostel, all my fault of course. Combined with the heat & the lack of sleep I was struggling. Hell, I may as well blame the haze while I’m at it! ‘At least I’m not on the plane’ were the only words that got me through. Thirteen hours on one flight is far too long.

I found my hostel & I’m in a nice enough 8 bed mixed dorm, ground floor (fist pump). My accolade for arriving was a warm shower I gleefully embraced. It felt so good to be washed again! I went for a walk around the city & hit upon the major attractions – mine being the F1 street track of course.

The architecture in the city is very impressive. The vast size of buildings & the texture & design of others is dramatic. I watched the light show at Marina Bay Sands, if you get a chance do go. It lasts 20 mins & is free. It made me think about socioeconomics & cultural variation – this would totally not be anywhere near Ireland’s radar.

The city itself feels incredibly safe. It is clean & doesn’t give the impression of any anti social activity. The hostel staff assured me that no one will trouble me, even if I walk down the street naked at 4am it will still be completely safe. I hope not to test this theory.

5 thoughts on “Singapore”

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    mukul chand on October 9, 2015 Reply

    Wonderful post.

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    tswilkes on October 9, 2015 Reply

    I knew someone who tried that – it was safe, and then he almost got arrested 😉 But that aside, wonderful post, it`s making me ache to go back!!

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      nulskii on October 9, 2015 Reply

      Hahahahaha, I’m glad someone else has tried it so I don’t have to!! Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully you’ll get back soon 🙂

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