Off I go

12. October 2015 Travel 0


I am squashed & uncomfortable & I shall remain in this sorry state for the next 13 hours. This sorry state is the British Airways 8pm flight from London Heathrow  to Singapore.

My trip to New Zealand & my new life have commenced! I have a 6 night stop over in Singapore & will probably take a few days to explore Malaysia or fly back to Thailand. Obviously not yet organised.

I adore this stage of travel when I visit a new country & am open minded about what to expect. I am open to loving & not leaving the next country I fall for. I am open to bad experiences & forming opinions & building relationships with the countries I visit.


As a country relationship accumulator I have a pretty good rate of love to dislike. There a few countries I have fallen for, some I need to visit again & others I am content that I won’t get anything more out of visiting them. This sounds small minded that I wouldn’t go back to certain countries, never say never, but this way of thinking really manages my wanderlust! My list is always growing, the more countries I visit the more countries I add to my wishlist. With a never ending ‘to visit’ list it can be a relief when I stumble upon somewhere that doesn’t feel like my kind of place at the time. Although, that being said, every single country has a certain charm.


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