I’m on your page now KL

18. October 2015 asia, Travel 0

So it took 24 hours & now I get Kuala Lumpur. I guess I’m like Guinness, I don’t travel well. Plus it takes me time to decompress & acclimatise. I think this is linked to the ageing process. Yuk, ageing.


I met some lovely people at my hostel & went for lunch with them. I love learning about people & getting a fascinating insight into their lives, views & dreams. Backpackers can be so open to complete strangers. Afterwards I went back to the Petronas Towers for the retail therapy I so badly craved yesterday. It was all essentials obviously. Sephora is all essential!


Tonight I’m meeting a friend of a friend & their friends & we’re going out for drinks. It’s nice to meet a person recommended by my friends. Being one of them, I know her friends are fab people!


Here’s to a better days!!!

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