Windy Wellington

06. November 2015 new zealand, Travel 0


“Windy Wellington” – That was frequently mentioned in the many conversations I had with people before coming to New Zealand. It was mentioned so frequently that you would think one would acknowledge this short statement as something legitimate. You would think so, right? Me, no. I thought every person was exaggerating & that I would surely manage an odd blow of wind every now & then.

Skip to me being windswept down the street along the exposed waterfront, attempting to seem composed & in control of my fluctuating pace coincidentally synchronised with the blasting tumultuous gusts of wind. Note my shopping bag flailing helplessly & my dishevelled hair concealing my vision. I was cursing myself under my breath as streams of wind induced tears were rolling down my cheeks. I acknowledged.


It would seem I have created a hardy & ‘rise to occasion’ self impression. In hindsight, this self impression is highly flawed. I am a fair weather girl through & through. I abhor being too cold & can’t quite handle being too warm. I dislike the rain when I have to be outside & I only enjoy the snow at more than 1500m on a crisp sun kissed day when I am in appropriate attire. I detest a white vacant sky, I feel damp days chill my bones & I am convinced thunderstorms give me migraines. I am built for blue skies, medium sunshine & beautiful sunsets.

Wellington has a 4 seasons in one day attitude. When you go out be sure to pack your sunnies, umbrella, scarf, coat & enough layers so you can peel down to something cool. This is far too much pressure for me to plan. I am a throw-something-on-&-run-out-the-door kinda gal. I do not overthink or think quite enough about what I should wear. I always get it wrong. This could be the making of me to transition to a clothes to weather appropriate adult!

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