It all fell into place

09. November 2015 Travel, work abroad 0


I have been in Wellington for 5 days & I have a bank account, IRD number & drivers licence on the way & a library card. I have a full time job & a home I move into next week! I have friends, a favourite cafe, my regular sushi place. I have a grasp of the area & big plans to explore. I’m surprised everything came together so quickly, easily & naturally.


Wellington is now my base until the first week in December. At that point the lease on my accommodation is up & I can either move on or stay in Wellington. It’s simple!

It’s such a relief to have this short term plan. It’s ideal for me to be able to put my backpack down without the crippling threat of immediate decisions & the commitment to stay! Now I can focus all my energy on the one thing I most wanted to do – bask in an english speaking city!

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