Setting my backpack down

09. November 2015 Travel 0

I have a home!!!! Oh the bliss & relief at being able to set my backpack down for 6 weeks. I am so happy!!!!


I have been slumming it in a hostel for a week so I am delighted to have some private space. I wasn’t exactly slumming it in the hostel. I don’t actually mind hostels. It was a bit annoying when I had to check out & wait till check in time for the extra days I booked. It was obviously annoying when people talked late at night or early in the morning & fucked about with the lights & door slamming etc…. But I honestly don’t mind hostels. They are super functional & great to meet people.


My new home is ideal for me! It’s in a cute artsy area with a craft brewery, cafes & a wee park to chill out in. I share with 3 others & I have a big double room & most importantly the flat has a bath!!! It’s a 15+ minute walk to town. The biggest dependent being traffic lights – seriously there are 6 sets between here & town & it feels like I stand at them for a lifetime.

I’m not just here to complain. I am seriously content to have a home. It is, however, absolutely BALTIC!!!! New Zealand does not believe in central heating, insulation or double glazing – they left that off the brochures! As someone who is ALWAYS cold I am already finding this a great struggle. When I get too cold I just want to remain still & my mood sours to miserable. I try to fight it but I am totally unimpressed with waking up to a cold nose & icy hands. I can only presume this is the result of a previous life where I obviously froze to death – hence the negative mood association. Right??


I feel blessed that I wasn’t here during the winter. I would not have been able to cope! I’m finding Spring tough enough at times! I’m hoping to go to Queenstown for Winter & I sincerely hope they believe in central heating, double glazing & insulation. If not, it could be a short stint for me.


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