11. November 2015 lifestyle, Travel 0

How do you prioritise your day to day tasks or one thing over another? I’m not sure if I’ve nailed this or I’m an aberration…. I go for the option I can extract the most joy from, whether it conforms with the norm or not is irrelevant to my decision.

I moved into my new flat over the weekend & was working a lot so after a few days I hadn’t managed to buy anything for it & was still living out of my backpack & cheap restaurants. When I eventually got round to doing a bit of shopping I came home with this….


Tea? Coffee? Milk? Food? The essentials??? No. I went for inner peace, luxury & happiness boosters! – a Lush haul, a bottle of wine & a candle. Now I’m off to have an afternoon soak in the bath & really appreciate the good life.

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