Hi Fives & hugs all around!!!

19. November 2015 Travel 0

Hello you lovely people!

I have reached 100 followers & I am so incredibly happy & overwhelmed!


This is such a massive deal to me. I am usually an open book yet with my blog I have kept it very private – I don’t share my blog with family or friends. I don’t put links to it on my Facebook or twitter. I don’t think anyone who has met me knows I have a blog. It is so personal to me that I would prefer to write with the freedom of not being vulnerable to people’s predisposed opinions of me – Good or bad.

I feel this blog is the real me. I write without worrying what people will think about me or whether my words may have a negative impact on people I love. I don’t feel obliged to mention people’s names or glorify them for their egos. I would do anything for the people I love & it feels so lovely to have something private that is disconnected & completely just me.

It also makes me proud that you all opted to hit ‘follow’ on your own instinct. You didn’t do it because you kind of know me & were curious, or because you felt obliged as a friend or family member.

You have been the most fabulous audience! Please comment below or in the specific blogs if you have any critiques or comments for me to improve. What you like & dislike in the blog. What subjects do you prefer me to write about? I would really, REALLY appreciate some direction!

I also want to do a little competition. Please can you reblog/share your favourite blog of mine, or one you enjoyed so I can gauge whether you prefer a certain style of writing to another. I know its a pain but it would really help me out. I like to support people I appreciate & I really hope you do too!

On a less begging note – For those who help me I will pick someone at random to send a little (v small) random gift to from New Zealand. If that isn’t bribing encouragement then I don’t know what is!

Thanks a million everyone!



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