She’s at it again


For some reason, unbeknown to me, I have an unfaltering desire to be pierced. Again, this is something that never ever crossed my mind as an option I might even consider – getting my nose pierced. But hey, I’m open & free spirited. I have to act on these things before I get too old, right??


So 6 failed attempts at calling into various tattoo & piercing studios later I was starting to accept it as a sign that I shouldn’t get pierced. I rely on my gut feeling so I was a bit disheartened at having to accept the signs & rule out this piercing. I made one last stop at another place before I would probably accept defeat & remain unpierced. Now I know why I had failed attempts & delays. I was supposed to stop by Ninja Flower.

The moment I walked into the bright, spacious studio I felt at ease & in good company. They made me feel welcome, gave me options & allowed me to take my time to decide what I wanted. They were very helpful when I was struggling to commit to a stud & I felt under no pressure to decide quickly. Other places I visited seemed annoyed when I didn’t like their plain silver stud & I felt like I was inconveniencing them with my questions. At Ninja Flower the lady talked me through the aftercare & I felt very reassured. I went to get pierced & the guy was exceptionally good. He talked me through everything in a relaxed, confident & assuring manner. You can easily tell he has a lot of knowledge in his field & experience in customer service as he has great communication & people skills.

He lined the piercing up so I can change to a ring later if I like. He aligned it to the curve of my nose & we were both happy with the positioning. From the other places I went to I got the impression they might not have bothered with this & pierced wherever the needle first touched my nose.

I felt relaxed in great care & the procedure was straightforward. It was slightly uncomfortable for a few seconds & totally bearable. When I looked at it in the mirror I immediately fell in love with my new jewellery! I left the studio feeling very happy – thanks to everyone working there.


I have had my piercing for over 2 days & only 1 person has noticed it! I think that means that it suits me & I look like I already own it. Before I got it I was unsure whether I would keep it & was planning to see what I thought about it. I think that it’s a keeper. Now to play the waiting game till I can put a ring in it.


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