We’re on a break

We had our fun.


We met on a blustery evening almost 3 months ago. The rain licked my face & my hair hung wildly. We liked each other instantly. Even in the dark cold night I could see all the potential you possessed; your beauty, the fun & friendships you could open me to, the great nightlife & entertainment on offer. You were what I craved at that time. You saw me as the bright eyed inquisitive backpacker I was, ready to explore & enjoy all you had to offer. We bonded effortlessly over the first few days & quickly fell into an easy going, loving relationship. I built a life around you & you invited me into your world with open arms. I am so grateful to you for making me feel so welcome.

Life with you in it has been undoubtedly fun. You have ticked all the boxes I was seeking. We have had our bad days when I felt like you were treating me awfully. You made my life difficult & I wondered why I was wasting so much time with you. Then you would uplift me with a ray of sunshine & a beautiful moment. I feel like I fit somewhere & I am content….Mostly. Yet I question do I want more?? Am I overthinking? Is there more out there?


That is why, Wellington, we are going on a break. In January I am going to the South Island for a few weeks. You will still hold a special place in my heart & I will be back to reconcile our relationship & see if we can salvage what we have. I am so happy we met & I fully appreciate everything you offered & we shared during my time here. You are a wonderful wee city. I am sorry for betraying you in a bid to discover somewhere better.

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