I’m constructing an abundance of New Zealand exit plans in my head, but part of me is hesitating. Somewhere in the depths of my mind a whispering voice is deliberating about wwoofing.

I’m signed up to their website & I believe it to be a great concept.

I could learn about wine & cheese making, I could do random things I wouldn’t have the chance to do normally, learn practical life skills I missed out on with my schoolroom education & meet interesting people. If I don’t do it here & now – then when??

I’ve almost talked myself into it then I worry about time. The fear of standing still for even a little while? The guilt of not using the time to earn money & gain the resources for further travel? The crushing truth that my time is getting more precious as I get older & I can’t squander any more of it…..

I’m keen to get decent wifi & time to mull over my options & come up with some sort of action plan.

To wwoof or not to wwoof? That is this weeks question.

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