This time around I have decided I want to do something rather weird & quirky….. Nothing too dramatic. Ok, so I have pondered getting the side of my face pierced but I have opted not to pursue that (for now). I am thinking of a crazy trip somewhere – like ride a tuk tuk around India or cycle the South Island. Something a bit less done. Something I would not have previously contemplated.

Inspiration is always welcome on this blog so please post any suggestions in the comments for me 😀
On a side note I am also considering a dry January or something slightly less restricting. So far I have went 4 days without booze which is possibly the longest I’ve ever gone without alcohol in New Zealand. Working in a bar exponentially increased my alcohol intake. My body will revel at the long overdue & wholly deserved respite.

Today is Day 1 of running! I went for a run to the centre of New Zealand this morning! It was not the flattest terrain I could choose to begin running again, but it was fun. It was rewarding to get to the viewpoint & I’m exhilarated to call myself a runner again! ☺️🏃💨

I hope to make little adjustments in my lifestyle for as long as I can maintain them while coming up with my random epic trip…. Happy new year everyone! x

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