Farewell Nelson, maybe

Farewell Nelson, maybe
imageI’ve enjoyed kicking back in Nelson. I’ve been staying at Paradiso Backpacker Hostel* which is awesome. It’s clean, the staff are friendly & they have a free unlimited wifi, a pool, hot tub, sauna, volleyball, table tennis, free breakfast, free soup & bakery leftovers! It’s a 10/15 minute walk out of town but it’s no big deal. I was paying $30 for a 4 bed female dorm, however there seemed to be plenty of other options including camping & camper vans/cars.
It has been interesting adjusting back to hostel life after renting my own room with the same housemates for over 2 months & having my own apartment for 6 months prior to that. I miss the ambiance I forge in my own space. I’m also adversely reacting to the potential friends in the hostel by thinking of them as strangers & really missing my lovely friends from Wellington! This conflict of emotions is encouraging me to take a day or two to adapt to my new lifestyle choice. I have poignantly questioned why I have the incessant compulsion to build a life & routine for myself just to walk away from it, move & start all over again. Why?
After much deliberation I have decided to travel with Stray** bus for my trip. I’m going to make life easy for myself for a change – they take you to all the main places of interest, make stop offs on the way & guarantee you accommodation. This will save me a lot of time, thought & energy making plans & booking & finding hostels, as well as saving me the stress of not being able to find anywhere as it is peak season & the hostels seem to be at full capacity. I have opted for the South Island pass (The Ron Pass) which includes the deep south. This pass is valid for 1 year, I can use it multiple times & it cost me $699 on offer (they seem to have offers on all the time). Another great thing about travelling on Stray is that I will meet fun like minded folks with reciprocative attitudes to myself, keen to travel New Zealand & have an epic time! This is probably the main reason I favoured it over traveling alone via campervan.
I purchased my pass 30 minutes ago & I am on the waitlist to travel to Abel Tasman today so maybe I’ll be on the bus in half an hour or maybe I’ll go tomorrow. Either way I am packed up & going to sit outside my hostel & wait to find out!
Here’s to adventure, new friendships & the freedom to be so laid back!
*Paradiso Backpacker Hostel Nelson
**Stray Travel

2 thoughts on “Farewell Nelson, maybe”

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    vinneve on January 26, 2016 Reply

    Good on you mate! 🙂 NZ is really a beautiful Country!

    • 2
      nulskii on January 28, 2016 Reply

      Cheers Vinneve! Yes, NZ is stunning!

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