Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman


Abel Tasman you beauty! Ok, so it’s raining & gloomy but it is still beautiful. Tomorrow the weather will be the same & all kayaking & activities have been cancelled, but I am optimistic it will improve. Abel Tasman national park is the smallest of New Zealand’s 14 National Parks at 225Km2 & the only coastal one. The first European explorer to discover this area was a Dutch man, Abel Tasman, in 1642. After what I presume was a miscommunication between his men & the Maoris, violence escalated & 4 of Abel Tasman’s men were killed & eaten by the Maori men. Abel Tasman decided to call the bay ‘Murderer’s Bay’ however it has since been renamed & is now fondly known as ‘Golden Bay’.

Our accommodation is The Barn* & it has nice clean dorms & the beds (no bunks!) are ridiculously comfortable. I have found myself lying in bed willing myself to stay awake so I can fully appreciate the comfort!

I already love the people on the bus. They are so friendly, lovely & open. I am really happy with my decision & super excited about my trip.
Thankfully the following day the rain cleared enough for us to go on a really nice hike through the National Park. The views were spectacular & I can only imagine how incredible it is when the weather is better.
*The Barn
Let me know if you want me to give you more information on the accommodation I’m staying in – it may be helpful if you are considering a trip around the South Island.


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