NZ is a small world

30. January 2016 Travel, wanderlust 0
NZ is a small world

Abel Tasman on a rainy gloomy day…

I decided to go for a walk on my own & peel myself away from my book for half an hour. I went to the start of the Marahau walk & got immersed in the information boards. Consumed in my own company & the sense of being a stranger in a new place I vaguely overheard someone behind me mention the Irish. I glanced over to see one of my friends from Wellington walking towards me for a hug! What a surprise!

Searching for the best vantage point to star gaze

We didn’t know each other were in the South Island never mind both at Abel Tasman. What a chance meeting! These 2 guys are cruising around for a few months in a converted van.

There’s something so comforting about having a wee cup of tea & catching up with familiar faces.

After the rock ‘n roll tea we went for a pitch black stroll along the path to star gaze at one of the beaches. Two glorious shooting stars and approximately 400 bug bites later we made our way back to our respective homes for the night with some sweet roadtrippin plans for the next day.

Picking shells on the beach

I couldn’t miss this opportunity to travel with them, so I am bidding the Stray bus farewell to go off the beaten track for a few days.

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