A fragment of paradise

11. February 2016 new zealand, Travel 0
A fragment of paradise
Next stop: Wharakiki beach* – the most idyllic paradisiac hideaway.
We parked up at Wharariki Beach Holiday Park** palpably excited for our next expedition. We meandered over grassy hills following a quaint winding path & passing over cute styes for 10 minutes before a sandy climb to paradise.
It was a stunning & cruel winy afternoon with the sand blasting our bare legs, but this added to the ambience. The beach was almost empty & the scenery was breathtaking. We all knew we were in a very special place & instantly valued & fully appreciated how lucky we were to be in the presence of New Zealand.
I grew up on the stunning Irish Coastline, I am very fortunate & have been to many beaches around the world. I’m not saying I’m the beach connoisseur, I can be difficult to impress. Notably special are the beaches at home, in Thailand, Ecuador, & this beauty.
IMG_4820 (1)
I’m falling a little deeper in love with you, New Zealand.
*Wharariki Beach
**Wharariki Beach Holiday Park

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