Hitch hiking in New Zealand

11. February 2016 new zealand, Travel 0
I hitchhiked from Takaka to Motueka a little late in the evening. It was a quiet road yet I got collected within 30 minutes by 2 middle aged couples who passed me then returned a minute later to collect me due to an increasing waive of pity for me. They were lovely people with fantastic insider tips for me & always appreciated book recommendations. We were quite a mix with an American, a Swiss, a German, a French & an Irish.
I love how welcoming & open people are here. Hitch hiking is a great way to meet interesting people who you might not normally speak with. It also gives you faith in humanity as people go out of their way to help you.
I debated amongst friends as to hitch hike or not. The outcome was for me to search all the horrific stories & make an educated decision after knowing the harrowing facts. In New Zealand there are known cases of people being murdered whilst hitch hiking. It is predominately safe, but there is always a risk. I decided to go with my gut instinct & if I didn’t get a good impression of someone I would decline the ride.
I got to Motueka & quickly settled in & set my alarm for 6am. I was so busy all day I didn’t have time to contemplate the sky dive I booked for tomorrow morning. I was so excited but exhausted from my fun packed day & fell asleep quickly looking forward to being picked up at 6.45am for the experience of a lifetime!!!

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