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My god this was AMAZING! Easily one of the most incredible experiences of my life!!!

If you aren’t afraid of heights I urge you to go for a skydive!

I had never considered one before so I was surprised that I was so exhilarated to do one! I could not wait to get geared up, strapped to a man & up to 13,500ft! I was not one bit nervous at any point. Thousands of people have done it before & survived so I felt risk was minimal. The worst part was possibly when the cameraman interviewed me! I’m actually very shy & annoyingly self conscious.


Todays mode of transportation!


I went with Abel Tasman Skydive* & I highly recommend them. Everyone was very friendly, enthusiastic & helpful (even at 7am!).  They were able to assist me with a song request for my video which meant a lot to me. I truly appreciated having one of my favourite songs, ‘So Good To Me’, on my video**

I felt really comfortable with my tandem master who was friendly, humorous & filled me with confidence. The cameraman (as much as I disliked his presence) was lovely & funny too. We made a great team! It was a very cloudy day with not much by way of view – which says a lot about the weather as Abel Tasman is incredibly beautiful. I was pretty lucky though as the dives after me didn’t go ahead due to the weather coming in.
Pre skydive feeling superhero-esque in my jumpsuit
Going up on the plane I was seated right by the door making me the first to jump. When the door opened & I swung my feet out it was fucking incredible! The world was at my feet & there was nothing between us. Never had I imagined in my wildest dreams that I would ever be basking in this incredible view! The cameraman climbed out to the side of the plane, my tandem master rocked us & then….. We jumped!!! Unreal! It was SO surreal! The wind was blasting my face & we were free falling. Falling through clouds was unbelievable. I couldn’t take it all in. It was the best feeling ever! Am I conveying that I quite enjoyed it??
Zipping through the clouds without a care in the world
All of a sudden the parachute was released & we were cruising through the clouds to land. We did some spins & soaked in the views. So surreal just floating in the air. It felt so freeing & relaxing without a care in the world. No niggling problems can get to you up there, just freedom & newfound passion for life.
Thanks to my friends on the Stray bus who encouraged me to go for it, one of the best things I’ve ever done – when can I skdive again??!
*Abel Tasman Skydive
**So Good To Me – Chris Malinchak

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