Pancakes Rock!

14. February 2016 new zealand, Travel 0
Pancakes Rock!

Punakaiki Pancake Rocks

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After an uneventful night in Westport, this is our first stop on the Stray bus on our way to Franz Josef. There is an easy & scenic (who am I kidding, all of New Zealand is scenic) 15 minute loop walk around the Pancake Rocks.


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These rocks were formed on the seabed 30 million years ago & raised to the surface as a result of seismic activity. The layering effect is due to sediments of rock, clay, mud, marine creatures, plants, limestone & incredibly high pressure. To be honest I still have no idea how they were created & the information boards along the walkway didn’t help in explaining (for me anyway!). The walkway winds around these ancient structures giving you great views & details of the unique formations.

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Apparently when it’s high tide the waves crash into the rock formations & water blasts through the ‘blowholes’ making the whole thing look damn awesome! We didn’t get the weather for this & resorted to viewing the postcards in the gift shop to see the full effect.

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Yes, I obviously did crave pancakes after this stop. I can’t tell whether it was because the rock formations looked like pancakes or the amount of times I heard the word ‘pancake’ during this stop. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) I only noticed the sign for pancakes at the cafe once the bus was ready to leave. No pancakes for me. That evening I did create the amazing combination of Nutella on crumpets in homage to the pancakes I wished for yet never attained. I highly recommend this almighty pairing & taste sensation!


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Too late, I’m already on the bus


*Punakaiki Pancake Rocks

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